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I’m Kath, welcome to The Life Spotters blog, where I hope you will join me on my quest to live a life intentional, to really see life and all its opportunities then really live it. Do you ever feel stuck? Want to get out of your rut? Be a more you-ier you? Live your greatest ‘big dream’ life?


Thought so! I get it…you don’t want life to be something that happens “one day”,  you don’t want to look back and wonder where the time went, and what happened to all the grand things you had planned. Neither do I. We are all worth more than that, so much more my friend! Is that OK? Can I call you a friend? I know we only just met… but I can tell we’re going to get along. So! Now we are friends…

Cosy up and let me tell you a little story…

I was talking to someone I know not so long ago and she said:


The thing is we none of us really have choices, that’s what we all need to learn…do you think I’d be doing this job if there was another choice? This isn’t what I want, this is just how life is.”

It surprised me at the time that anybody could just settle for that, knowing they were not in the right place but resigned to living out their life in a state of mediocrity.

But it got me thinking…is this what I want? And do I have a choice or not?

After a bit of soul-searching, I decided that where I am today is not really where I want to be. I have been living in the dreaded “one day…” mentality and not even realised it. I always talk about my grand plans and dreams, but really I have just been drifting, waiting for it all to fall into place…What am I waiting for?

Because actually, I truly believe I DO HAVE A CHOICE…  (that’s right – capital letters, italics and bold! It’s THAT important folks!)


woman walking along the seashore

Fast forward a couple of months and I stand here before you now with a new plan, setting a goal with a new lust for life (my life!):

Living life with intention

See life, live it, love it…Join me! From this day forth let’s live life on our own terms! Let’s own our choices and live every day intentionally and purposefully, with the understanding that we are designing our lives with every positive decision we make. 

Join the growing community of Life Spotters, unafraid to follow their hearts! 



The Life Spotters Blog

The Life Spotters blog is divided into 3 main categories:


Life Design – Flourish with intention

Money – Manage money with intention

Adventure – Explore with intention


I think of these as a formula for living my Best Life:



life design = money =adventure

Within these categories, you will find tips, tricks and advice on a variety of different ways to make a difference to your own life, whether you want to change your life around completely or simply carve out a little you time; take control of your finances or go on an adventure, I got you covered…

The Life Spotters blog exists for anybody who believes they deserve to live a life that’s true to them, who wants the best out of their life, who understands that they have a choice!

It exists also for those who are just beginning to see this, who suspect there might be more to life but maybe aren’t sure how to get there yet, those who crave something but don’t yet know what…

It exists for the dreamers, the doers, the big thinkers and the unconventional:

Thinking outside the box? You’re my kinda weirdo and I like you.

Because for some reason, deciding you want to live your life, your way, does tend to ruffle people’s feathers…

Dare to be different

It should be the most natural and sensible way to live. Surely nobody dreams of living a life that is anything less than wonderful??

And yet they do it. Every single day. 

Don’t let that be you!

Be a Life Spotter! Live life with intention!

We are all gloriously unique! Your dream may not look like mine, it may not even look CLOSE to my dream, but I’m sure you have one.

Are you currently where you want to be? No?

Do you have a choice? Yes! Yes, you do! 

So are you going to be living your best life one day? Or is it day one of your best life…

Let’s go!

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Father and son looking out to sea

Still with me?  Good.

If you want to get to know me a little more personally, I live with my husband Simon, 11-year-old Thing 1 and 8-year-old Thing 2. As a family we love nothing more than getting out and about in our campervan, learning, exploring and frankly, making a bit of a mess. Simon, our resident minimalist and neat freak, despairs of his wild, unruly travelling companions.

The Hubby

Man sat on back step of van

Simon likes…

“Carrying heavy photographic equipment along precarious cliff edges at dusk, film noir, and bulk buying wine, art books and spices. He has an affinity for the element of wood, the philosophy of the Stoics and the conjuring of abundance through the medium of crystals. He likes his coffee and his women strong and hot, and his soundtrack funky.”

Pssst! Simon is a pretty nifty photographer… most of the photos on this website are his, so if you like what you see you can check out more of his work here: www.simongilbertphotography.co.uk

Our Son

Young boy standing in the crashing waves, laughing

Thing 1 likes…

“Reading, music with rocks in, building things, happiness, eating, reading, eating, then eating some more, being in water and science experiments.”

Our Daughter

Young girl jumping off a sand dune

Thing 2 likes…

“Exploring, clambering over rocks and things, elephants, playing games, swinging off stuff, sunsets, and dancing in the rain. When I grow up I’m going to be a trapeze artist.”

As for me:

“Within me rolls silence as loud as thunder and stillness that dances and sings.” (Me. Aged 19. Back when I thought poetry was the bee’s knees.)


I love the sound of the wind in the trees, being on the beach, good food, good company, wild swimming, tiny houses and the smell of cinnamon. I love cowboy boots, hats and scarves, and all shades of green and blue. Also, stationary is more exciting to me than is perhaps natural.


Despite being deeply introverted, I love connecting. I am a natural born collector but believe in living with less. I love to travel, but get terrible motion sickness in pretty much any mode of transport. I embrace all that is contrary and liminal.

woman reclining on a log pile
Chillin’ on mah log pile…

But enough about me, what about you?

Leave a comment and say hi!



  • Kelly

    I’m a 54 yr old grandma and I’m wanting to make positive changes in my life. I’m 3x married (3rd times the charm!) and between us, we have ALOT of grand-blessings.

    Here’s the thing, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I’m overweight and currently in a debt management program (which leaves me with very little money to play with).

    I want to get out more, do more with the blessings, and enjoy time with my wonderful husband. I’m just having trouble getting started Bc I don’t know where exactly to start.

    So I’m hoping your website will get me taking that first step!! Blessings to you and yours

    • Kath | The Life Spotters

      Thank you so much for sharing your story Kelly, it’s one that I think a lot of people can identify with. I actually also suffer with depression and anxiety, and am still chipping away at my own debt mountain, so find your situation particularly relatable. I found with my own mental health issues it was getting going that was the hardest part – finding the enthusiasm to want to live my life fully in the first place – congratulations to you on making the choice to bring about positive changes in your life! You say you don’t know where to start, but I assure you, you already have 😉 Good luck with your journey, please let me know if you have any particular questions and I’ll do my best to assist! Best Wishes, Kath x

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