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    I quit my job! Notes on the art of recklessness…

    image of panoramic mountain views with a woman standing in foreground, billowing scarf behind her

    I am loving me some recklessness right now! I feel so full of the giddy joys of summer that I had to write this down, lest the feeling starts to fade as the days draw in…     Before we get stuck in: I like to think I usually write from a place of intention and semi-well thought out usefulness. I try to provide as much value to my readers as I can and create posts that I think will help them with something. I research and plan, carefully laying…

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    Why it’s OK to want change

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    Do you want change but struggle to balance accepting yourself just as you are with wanting more? Maybe you even feel that admitting life isn’t good enough is like admitting you are not good enough? This article looks at why it’s OK to want change, and how it only enhances your true self, not masks it.       The dilemma For the longest time when I started The Life Spotters, I went backwards and forwards, trying to balance the idea of  ‘changing your life’ with the notion that ‘you…

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    What’s stopping you from living your dream life?

    Image of a cabin amongst tall pine trees at sunset

    Hey you! Yeah, you over there… with the faraway look in your eyes and the dissatisfied smile… You, dreaming of something better. A life less ordinary…   Let me paint you a picture:   5 years, hell, maybe even 2 years from now, you’re living the life you dream of. You’re working for yourself and travelling around the world, seeing all the things you’ve always wanted to, swimming in crystal clear waters and sipping vino as the sun goes down over another perfect day.   Or maybe your jam isn’t…

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    Everyday Slow (Slow living tips for every day life!)

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    So are you ready to Slow down?   I thought it might be helpful to briefly explore some Slow Living tips for the most common ‘everyday’ areas and how you can integrate a Slow philosophy in your day to day life. There are so many aspects to Slow Living, part of its beauty for me it’s how personal it is! You can pretty much apply Slow Living principles to any aspect of life you choose, but let’s take a look at a few key areas:   (Psst! This is part…

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    Becoming an authentic you! Finding yourself with Slow Living

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    Heads up! This is part 2 in The Life Spotters Slow Living Series, if you’d like an in-depth introduction into Slow living and what it means to live Slow, then read: Slow Living Series: Part 1 – An introduction to Slow Living Alternatively, for tips on how to incorporate Slow Living into your day to day life, please see: Slow Living series: Part 3 – Everyday Slow (Slow living tips for everyday life!)   Last week I touched on the difference between Slow living and Intentional living, and how although…

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    An introduction to Slow living

    link to 'Introduction to Slow Living' blog post

    The pace of living today can be frantic and overwhelming:   Technological advancements are being made continually, people want things to be better, easier and faster than ever before, and the expectation is that they will get exactly that. We have more and more demands on our time, working longer hours amidst countless distractions, and trying to fit in everything else on our (inexhaustible) to-do lists around that.   It’s no wonder it can leave you struggling to find meaning amongst the many things crying out for your attention, or…

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    Start with you! Self-care with no apologies

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    Is self-care selfish?   I read an article recently that hinted at self-care being a selfish act. It suggested that we are too concerned with our own selves and should be focusing less energy on self-care and more on our bonds with those around us. Now, I am as happy and willing to build connection and bonds with those around me as the next person, but if I am in a bad place at that time, then they aren’t gonna be getting the best of me…and isn’t that worse?  …

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    Decluttering for a better life – Less mess, less stress!

    Link to 'Decluttering' blog post

    Decluttering! The buzzword of the moment!   It seems you can’t turn around without tripping over magazine articles, blog posts, books and TV shows all dedicated to helping you take control of your life by getting rid of your possessions.   The concept of decluttering is not a new one, but the current popularity of minimalism and simple living shows no signs of slowing. So why the sudden rise in popularity of minimising now? What is it about decluttering which has struck such a chord in people?   Fast living…

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    Are you planning or are you procrastinating? How to spot the difference!

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    Get you! You are fully in the zone…you have planned and scheduled and organised. You feel amaaaazing, because you’ve got this. You know what you are doing and you know where you are going!   But wait… Uh oh. Could it be? What if all this organising is just a distraction technique? What if you feel great because you think you are doing all the things, when really you are putting off the inevitable – the moment when you must ACTUALLY do all the things?   In this post, we…

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    Affirmations – A Beginner’s Guide

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    Are you interested in using personal affirmations to effect change or growth but not sure where you should start? Maybe you’ve heard about the positive life-changing effects they can have, but don’t know what you’re supposed to do, or perhaps you’ve given it a go and can’t get over how silly it feels, or can’t convince yourself that what you’re telling yourself is true?   Well, fear not friend! This step-by-step guide for beginners will take you through exactly what an affirmation is, how they work, how to create meaningful…