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    The Downsides of Small Space Family Living

    image of a static caravan in the snow

    Are you considering downsizing your family home in order to simplify your life or save money?   If so, you probably have at least a few niggling questions – What is it really like to live in a small space with other people? What are the drawbacks? After all, it’s one thing to live in a small space if it’s just you, but quite another if you are sharing the space with others.   Simon and I have done the opposite of most people and seem to have moved into…

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    Slow Living Experiment – One Month Without My Smartphone!

    image of a smartphone

    I think it’s fair to say that Slow Living is often confused with going without the technological trappings of the modern world. Some folks think of the concept of Slow Living and imagine an Amish like existence, with no gadgets, no devices, no modern conveniences at all. But this isn’t the case:   Slow living is all about living intentionally, choosing to prioritise how you spend your time and allowing yourself to be truly present. As such I have always ascertained that technology can actually help you live a simpler…

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    Can You Become a Minimalist if You Are a Hoarder?

    Image of a cluttered garage/workspace filled with tools and overflowing drawers

    Man, oh man. If 10-years-ago-me could see me now….   Minimalism was NOT a word in my vocabulary! 10 years ago I was still very much a self-confessed hoarder. I just loved STUFF. I loved the chaos and the clutter and the dusty knick-knacks poked into all the nooks and crannies of the wonky cottage we lived in at the time.    I held onto the most random of items, happy in the knowledge that I’d do something with them eventually.   Always an art and craftsy type of gal,…

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    Minimalism and Frugality

    image of empty glass jars

    Minimalism and frugality. I heard someone refer to the two terms interchangeably recently and it got me thinking… How similar are they?   As someone who tries their best to be both minimal and frugal, I can see a strong overlap, but I have nevertheless also always felt them to be two different approaches. So let’s explore: Minimalism and frugality – Two sides of the same coin, or chalk and cheese?   For me, the idea of minimalism is intrinsically linked with that of frugality. After all, those seeking to…

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    Slow Living for Stressful Times

    image of a snail moving through blades of grass

    There can be no denying that we live in stressful times. The modern world is geared towards the fast-paced and frantic. With the advent of concepts such as fast food and speed dating, every aspect of our lives from the food we eat to the relationships we build has been thrown into hyperdrive.   (If you are looking for information related to the stressful time we find ourselves in currently – the Covid-19 pandemic – please also see Lockdown Slow down)   Consumerism is at an all-time high as a…

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    Lockdown Slow down!

    image of a woman sat writing in a journal

    Many people the world over who currently find themselves in an enforced state of stillness are discovering the benefits that slow living can provide – from spending time with family, baking & cooking meals from scratch, rediscovering hobbies, to regularly connecting with friends and relatives over Zoom meetings.   But understandably, others are finding it harder to slip straight into the joys that slowing down can offer. These are uncertain times, and in this situation, stress levels are naturally high.    Being forced to slow down isn’t the same as…

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    Alternative Living – An Intentional Choice

    Image of cob buildings with grass roof

    Today, more and more people are exploring alternatives to traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ houses than ever before.   A person’s home is an expression of who they are, a place to call their own, decorated with carefully chosen items and furniture which reveal much about the owner’s character. Your actual choice of dwelling can say even more.   Alternative living can offer a freedom of personal expression seldom found on the housing market, but what exactly does it mean?     What is alternative living? Alternative living describes a scenario…

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    Vanlife with Children

    IMage of a young girl sat by a campfire behind a campervan

    The Vanlife Movement has never been stronger; more and more people looking to connect with nature, live a life of adventure and presence, create a simpler, more sustainable existence or save money, are all discovering that their needs can be met with four wheels and the open road.   Drool-worthy images of self-converted vehicles are all over the internet, showcasing people’s creative talents and expressive abilities as they take a mode of transport and turn it into a beautiful, bespoke home.

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    Slow Morning Routines for Weekends

    image of sunlight through ferns

    If like most of us, you find yourself rushing through the working week in a blur, you most likely breathe a sigh of relief when the weekend rolls around. But are you making the most of it?   Have you ever wondered if you should have a morning routine, but can’t find the time? Do you wish you could just hit the pause button and reset, allowing the stresses and strains of the week to melt away?   If this is you, then you’d undoubtedly benefit from creating a slow…

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    Downshifting – Work less, live more!

    racer bicycle leaning against a tree

    Have you ever heard of the concept of downshifting? Well, I hadn’t until recently, but when I did I knew it was something I wanted to look into. Turns out I have been downshifting for a while now… I just didn’t realise it had a name! If, like me, you didn’t even know this was a thing, then read on: we are going to look into exactly what it means to be a downshifter, how downshifting can change your life for the better, and how you can get started.