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    Becoming an authentic you! Finding yourself with Slow Living

    Heads up! This is part 2 in The Life Spotters Slow Living Series, if you’d like an in-depth introduction into Slow living and what it means to live Slow, then read: Slow Living Series: Part 1 – An introduction to Slow Living Alternatively, for tips on how to incorporate Slow Living into your day to day life, please see: Slow Living series: Part 3 – Everyday Slow (Slow living tips for everyday life!) Last week I touched on the difference between Slow living and Intentional living, and how although they…

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    An introduction to Slow living

    The pace of living today can be frantic and overwhelming:   Technological advancements are being made continually, people want things to be better, easier and faster than ever before, and the expectation is that they will get exactly that. We have more and more demands on our time, working longer hours amidst countless distractions, and trying to fit in everything else on our (inexhaustible) to-do lists around that.

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    Decluttering for a better life – Less mess, less stress!

    Decluttering! The buzzword of the moment!   It seems you can’t turn around without tripping over magazine articles, blog posts, books and TV shows all dedicated to helping you take control of your life by getting rid of your possessions.   The concept of decluttering is not a new one, but the current popularity of minimalism and simple living shows no signs of slowing. So why the sudden rise in popularity of minimising now? What is it about decluttering which has struck such a chord in people?

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    10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

    Do you ever feel the urge to simplify? The way we live our lives today is faster, bigger and busier than ever before. In many ways this is a superb thing – we have access to information 24/7 – a whole world of knowledge at our fingertips. We can connect with people – loved ones or strangers – all over the world at the touch of a button. Our needs and wants are met quickly and efficiently, and if we can imagine it, we can own it. There is a…

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    The Eden Project at Christmas

    Just a quick post this week – I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s December, which has rather snuck up on me, despite my so looking forward to it…so I have umm, one or two things on my ‘to do’ list!   However, I REALLY wanted to take a minute amidst the mulled wine and greenery to write about how we kicked off the holiday season this year with a trip to The Eden Project – Cornwall, to see their spectacular Shadows and Light Christmas Experience, and how we…

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    Reduce waste and spend less this Christmas

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to come together with family and friends, to celebrate and show our love, to share and feast, to dance, sing and be joyful. But it has also become a time of excessive consumption and mass overspending. I LOVE Christmas, truly, I’m still just like a kid, giddy and excitable and hopping up and down in anticipation from now until the day itself, (did I say now? Ok, so, actually I have been hopping up and down for weeks, waiting for…

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    Downsizing – 5 things I Have Learnt Living Tiny

    2 years ago we had to leave the cottage we had lived in for 13 years when our landlord decided to sell. It was an old ramshackle cottage with low beamed ceilings and nooks and crannies aplenty (and dust, so much dust!). It was pokey and cramped, in the delightfully cosy way that cottages often are, but we loved it, and it had been our home for many years.

  • 5 Glorious France Passion stopovers

    5 Glorious France Passion Stopovers

    Not familiar with France Passion? Allow me to enlighten you… France Passion is the self-proclaimed “official supplier of small paradises”. Simply put, it is an amazing membership scheme which enables campervan or motorhome owners to stop overnight safely for free at a choice of over 2000 farms, winegrowers, cheesemakers and other producers of local delights… Yuuuuum!

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    Campervan France on a budget

    We had decided to have a pretty scant year this year, trying to save we thought it best to maybe not go abroad at all, but wanderlust got the better of us…”France? Just 2 weeks maybe? We could do it on the cheap…??” So how exactly do you spend a couple of glorious weeks away, particularly with a couple of tweenage consumers in tow, without breaking the bank?