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~ Live Different ~ Home is more than 4 walls and a roof. Whether on wheels, water or land, your home is a reflection of who you are. Make it a place you can't wait to return to!

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    The Downsides of Small Space Family Living

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    Are you considering downsizing your family home in order to simplify your life or save money?   If so, you probably have at least a few niggling questions – What is it really like to live in a small space with other people? What are the drawbacks? After all, it’s one thing to live in a small space if it’s just you, but quite another if you are sharing the space with others.   Simon and I have done the opposite of most people and seem to have moved into…

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    Alternative Living – An Intentional Choice

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    Today, more and more people are exploring alternatives to traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ houses than ever before.   A person’s home is an expression of who they are, a place to call their own, decorated with carefully chosen items and furniture which reveal much about the owner’s character. Your actual choice of dwelling can say even more.   Alternative living can offer a freedom of personal expression seldom found on the housing market, but what exactly does it mean?     What is alternative living? Alternative living describes a scenario…

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    Vanlife with Children

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    The Vanlife Movement has never been stronger; more and more people looking to connect with nature, live a life of adventure and presence, create a simpler, more sustainable existence or save money, are all discovering that their needs can be met with four wheels and the open road.   Drool-worthy images of self-converted vehicles are all over the internet, showcasing people’s creative talents and expressive abilities as they take a mode of transport and turn it into a beautiful, bespoke home.   Combine that with the ability to then take…

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    Downshifting – Work less, live more!

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    Have you ever heard of the concept of downshifting? Well, I hadn’t until recently, but when I did I knew it was something I wanted to look into. Turns out I have been downshifting for a while now… I just didn’t realise it had a name! If, like me, you didn’t even know this was a thing, then read on: we are going to look into exactly what it means to be a downshifter, how downshifting can change your life for the better, and how you can get started.  …

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    Think (and Live) Outside The Box!

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    I am a big fan of thinking outside the box. One of my biggest drives for writing is the need to help people understand that things aren’t always what they seem. I want people to take a look at the world around them and question what they see, because I remember so well my own ‘Aha!’ moment, when I stopped just assuming things had to be a certain way and started asking:   “What if things could be EXACTLY as I wish they could be?”       Look around…

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    I quit my job! Notes on the art of recklessness…

    image of panoramic mountain views with a woman standing in foreground, billowing scarf behind her

    I am loving me some recklessness right now! I feel so full of the giddy joys of summer that I had to write this down, lest the feeling starts to fade as the days draw in…     Before we get stuck in: I like to think I usually write from a place of intention and semi-well thought out usefulness. I try to provide as much value to my readers as I can and create posts that I think will help them with something. I research and plan, carefully laying…

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    What’s stopping you from living your dream life?

    Image of a cabin amongst tall pine trees at sunset

    Hey you! Yeah, you over there… with the faraway look in your eyes and the dissatisfied smile… You, dreaming of something better. A life less ordinary…   Let me paint you a picture:   5 years, hell, maybe even 2 years from now, you’re living the life you dream of. You’re working for yourself and travelling around the world, seeing all the things you’ve always wanted to, swimming in crystal clear waters and sipping vino as the sun goes down over another perfect day.   Or maybe your jam isn’t…

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    Downsizing – 5 things I Have Learnt Living Tiny

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    In 2016 we had to leave the cottage we had lived in for 13 years when our landlord decided to sell.   It was an old ramshackle cottage with low beamed ceilings and nooks and crannies aplenty (and dust, so much dust!). It was pokey and cramped, in the delightfully cosy way that cottages often are, but we loved it, and it had been our home for many years.   Naturally, we were sad to leave, but it was never supposed to have been our forever home. So, ever the…

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    5 Glorious France Passion Stopovers

    5 Glorious France Passion stopovers

    Not familiar with France Passion? Allow me to enlighten you… France Passion is the self-proclaimed “official supplier of small paradises”. Simply put, it is an amazing membership scheme which enables campervan or motorhome owners to stop overnight safely for free at a choice of over 2000 farms, winegrowers, cheesemakers and other producers of local delights… Yuuuuum!   If you own (or would maybe consider hiring) a motorhome then this really is something you need in your life! It’s super easy to join and allows you to enjoy your time in France safe in…

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    Campervan France on a budget

    We had decided to have a pretty scant year this year, trying to save we thought it best to maybe not go abroad at all, but wanderlust got the better of us…”France? Just 2 weeks maybe? We could do it on the cheap…??” So how exactly do you spend a couple of glorious weeks away, particularly with a couple of tweenage consumers in tow, without breaking the bank?     Here are some of my top tips….   Money envelopes     We worked out a budget for how much we…