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    The Downsides of Small Space Family Living

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    Are you considering downsizing your family home in order to simplify your life or save money?   If so, you probably have at least a few niggling questions – What is it really like to live in a small space with other people? What are the drawbacks? After all, it’s one thing to live in a small space if it’s just you, but quite another if you are sharing the space with others.   Simon and I have done the opposite of most people and seem to have moved into…

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    Downsizing – 5 things I Have Learnt Living Tiny

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    In 2016 we had to leave the cottage we had lived in for 13 years when our landlord decided to sell.   It was an old ramshackle cottage with low beamed ceilings and nooks and crannies aplenty (and dust, so much dust!). It was pokey and cramped, in the delightfully cosy way that cottages often are, but we loved it, and it had been our home for many years.   Naturally, we were sad to leave, but it was never supposed to have been our forever home. So, ever the…