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    Vanlife with Children

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    The Vanlife Movement has never been stronger; more and more people looking to connect with nature, live a life of adventure and presence, create a simpler, more sustainable existence or save money, are all discovering that their needs can be met with four wheels and the open road.   Drool-worthy images of self-converted vehicles are all over the internet, showcasing people’s creative talents and expressive abilities as they take a mode of transport and turn it into a beautiful, bespoke home.   Combine that with the ability to then take…

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    5 Glorious France Passion Stopovers

    5 Glorious France Passion stopovers

    Not familiar with France Passion? Allow me to enlighten you… France Passion is the self-proclaimed “official supplier of small paradises”. Simply put, it is an amazing membership scheme which enables campervan or motorhome owners to stop overnight safely for free at a choice of over 2000 farms, winegrowers, cheesemakers and other producers of local delights… Yuuuuum!   If you own (or would maybe consider hiring) a motorhome then this really is something you need in your life! It’s super easy to join and allows you to enjoy your time in France safe in…

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    Campervan France on a budget

    We had decided to have a pretty scant year this year, trying to save we thought it best to maybe not go abroad at all, but wanderlust got the better of us…”France? Just 2 weeks maybe? We could do it on the cheap…??” So how exactly do you spend a couple of glorious weeks away, particularly with a couple of tweenage consumers in tow, without breaking the bank?     Here are some of my top tips….   Money envelopes     We worked out a budget for how much we…