Intentional Living

~ Live life with intention! ~ A life of meaning is one lived intentionally. Make every decision count and live life on purpose!

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    Small Shifts for Big Change

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    Well hey there! Indulge me a moment while I get personal…   Things have been a little quieter over here at TLS HQ for the past month or so. I have been in the process of coming off of my anti-depressant and anxiety medication so I’ve been taking a little bit of a breather while I’ve been reducing my meds and processing all the feels. #funtimes   As a result, I haven’t been posting as much as usual, but I’d like to take a moment to share (and expand upon)…

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    Alternative Living – An Intentional Choice

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    Today, more and more people are exploring alternatives to traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ houses than ever before.   A person’s home is an expression of who they are, a place to call their own, decorated with carefully chosen items and furniture which reveal much about the owner’s character. Your actual choice of dwelling can say even more.   Alternative living can offer a freedom of personal expression seldom found on the housing market, but what exactly does it mean?     What is alternative living? Alternative living describes a scenario…

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    Start Getting the Most Out of Life

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    We all want the ‘Big Life’ – that best expression of what we are capable of. The life we can look back on with pride and satisfaction. But what if we aren’t yet sure what that looks like?   Although I could write ‘til my fingers are numb about why you should be striving to live life your own way, I maybe don’t stress often enough that it is OK if you don’t know which way that is.   It is absolutely fine to not know what you want, what…

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    10 Ways To Be Intentional In Your Day To Day Life

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    Do you want to bring more authenticity and purpose into your existence? Want to live your life with intention and make the most of every minute? Sure you do! But the thing is, sometimes one of the hardest things about attempting to live a life that is true to you is fitting it in around the life you currently have.   The decision to live a life of intention, to make the most out of life, to be more you, usually requires some kind of change. More often than not…

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    I quit my job! Notes on the art of recklessness…

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    I am loving me some recklessness right now! I feel so full of the giddy joys of summer that I had to write this down, lest the feeling starts to fade as the days draw in…     Before we get stuck in: I like to think I usually write from a place of intention and semi-well thought out usefulness. I try to provide as much value to my readers as I can and create posts that I think will help them with something. I research and plan, carefully laying…

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    Why it’s OK to want change

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    Do you want change but struggle to balance accepting yourself just as you are with wanting more? Maybe you even feel that admitting life isn’t good enough is like admitting you are not good enough? This article looks at why it’s OK to want change, and how it only enhances your true self, not masks it.       The dilemma For the longest time when I started The Life Spotters, I went backwards and forwards, trying to balance the idea of  ‘changing your life’ with the notion that ‘you…

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    What’s stopping you from living your dream life?

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    Hey you! Yeah, you over there… with the faraway look in your eyes and the dissatisfied smile… You, dreaming of something better. A life less ordinary…   Let me paint you a picture:   5 years, hell, maybe even 2 years from now, you’re living the life you dream of. You’re working for yourself and travelling around the world, seeing all the things you’ve always wanted to, swimming in crystal clear waters and sipping vino as the sun goes down over another perfect day.   Or maybe your jam isn’t…

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    Intentional Living – Live a Life that’s True to You!

    Here at The Life Spotters HQ we are all about living intentionally… For me, it is the ONLY way to live your life. But what does it actually mean? In this post, I’ll be addressing what intentional living is, why you need to be doing it and how you can apply intentional living to your day to day life. Interested? Read on…       Simply put, intentional living means attempting to live in accordance with your values and beliefs. It means living on purpose and actively choosing your path, or…

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    Change your Life Challenge!

    Are you stuck in a rut? Want to change your life but aren’t sure in what way? Or maybe you know exactly what you want, but don’t know where to start?   Well, you’re in good hands! In this post, I’ll help you see how you can start creating the life of your dreams by discovering what it is you really want and creating an action plan to make it yours. But be warned…This is not an overnight thing: You gotta be in it for the long haul.   If…