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    Are you planning or are you procrastinating? How to spot the difference!

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    Get you! You are fully in the zone…you have planned and scheduled and organised. You feel amaaaazing, because you’ve got this. You know what you are doing and you know where you are going!   But wait… Uh oh. Could it be? What if all this organising is just a distraction technique? What if you feel great because you think you are doing all the things, when really you are putting off the inevitable – the moment when you must ACTUALLY do all the things?   In this post, we…

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    Affirmations – A Beginner’s Guide

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    Are you interested in using personal affirmations to effect change or growth but not sure where you should start? Maybe you’ve heard about the positive life-changing effects they can have, but don’t know what you’re supposed to do, or perhaps you’ve given it a go and can’t get over how silly it feels, or can’t convince yourself that what you’re telling yourself is true?   Well, fear not friend! This step-by-step guide for beginners will take you through exactly what an affirmation is, how they work, how to create meaningful…

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    Intentional Living – Live a Life that’s True to You!

    Here at The Life Spotters HQ we are all about living intentionally… For me, it is the ONLY way to live your life. But what does it actually mean? In this post, I’ll be addressing what intentional living is, why you need to be doing it and how you can apply intentional living to your day to day life. Interested? Read on…       Simply put, intentional living means attempting to live in accordance with your values and beliefs. It means living on purpose and actively choosing your path, or…

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    Why you should try a morning routine (even if you are not a morning person!)

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    Having a strong morning routine can be life-changing. Sounds maybe a bit extreme, but it is absolutely the case. Setting yourself up well for the rest of the day begins when you first rise. It stands to reason that if you begin your day with intention, inspiration, positivity and a clear set of goals, you can’t help but feel more in control and on top of it than if you wake up late, groggy, grumpy and rushed. But what if you’re not a morning person? Let me tell you a…

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    How to write a personal mission statement and find your inner awesome!

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    You might be familiar with the idea of mission statements, especially when used in a business context. Simply put, a mission statement is a short written declaration of an organisation’s main goals, usually covering what they do, why and who for. It’s designed to become a kind of driving force, the ethos by which a company operates.   One of my favourite ways to connect with my own personal awesome is to utilise this idea by creating a personal mission statement, or as I prefer to call it, my Big Life…

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    Meditation – a beginner’s guide

    Meditation - a beginners guide

    Meditation has long been known to be beneficial to your health. Practiced for centuries by those in the know, there is now so much scientific backing to those benefits that even the most sceptical couldn’t doubt it’s effectiveness: Meditation has been proven to help reduce blood pressure, improve heart rate, relieve stress and anxiety, boost your mood, improve sleep and even help ease chronic pain. Not to mention the boom-massive spiritual effects such as increased awareness and understanding of self, mindfulness, harmony, and connection.   But although meditation is one…

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    3 Simple Ways To Help You Take Control Of Your Spending

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    How often do you find yourself reaching payday with nothing left, dipping into your overdraft or putting everyday items onto credit cards? Too often?  Then it’s time to take control of your spending!   There was a time when my wages would hit my bank account each month and not even clear my overdraft, and it just kept on growing each month. Every month I would tell myself it would be different this time, and I would try and reign in my spending, but time and time again I would…

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    10 Tiny Steps Towards a BIG Life

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    We all want the big life, the one that is our best fit and reflects the truest version of ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Our goals can seem so out of reach, everything we are aiming for appears so hard to attain, especially if you are working on a long-term plan, it can be hard not to lose sight of the end reward and feel a little daunted or overwhelmed.   So while you are striving for the best in life, remember that…

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    Blogging newbie? How to defeat Imposter Syndrome

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    Could you be suffering from Imposter Syndrome? Ever feel like you just won’t cut it as a blogger? Filled with self-doubt? (why would anyone listen to me when there are so many other better-qualified people out there doing this, who have been at it for so much longer?) Don’t fret! Sounds like you could just be suffering from a touch of Imposter Syndrome…This is a psychological problem which can strike anyone at any time, landing the sufferer flailing in the huge lagoon of I-am-inadequate-and-incompetent, and standing alone in the desolate…

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    Change your Life Challenge!

    Are you stuck in a rut? Want to change your life but aren’t sure in what way? Or maybe you know exactly what you want, but don’t know where to start?   Well, you’re in good hands! In this post, I’ll help you see how you can start creating the life of your dreams by discovering what it is you really want and creating an action plan to make it yours. But be warned…This is not an overnight thing: You gotta be in it for the long haul.   If…