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    Slow Living Experiment – One Month Without My Smartphone!

    I think it’s fair to say that Slow Living is often confused with going without the technological trappings of the modern world. Some folks think of the concept of Slow Living and imagine an Amish like existence, with no gadgets, no devices, no modern conveniences at all. But this isn’t the case:   Slow living is all about living intentionally, choosing to prioritise how you spend your time and allowing yourself to be truly present. As such I have always ascertained that technology can actually help you live a simpler…

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    Stop Setting Beige Goals!

    Image of a woman in a beige jumper, against a beige background looking bored and fed up

    Do you find yourself continuously setting goals that you never hit? Are you guilty of jumping from one idea to another to another because you can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm to follow through on a plan? Are you starting to feel like a bit of a fraud or a failure and wonder why you just can’t do it?    If you answered yes to any of these then you may have been setting yourself beige goals! Read on to find out what that means and what you can do…

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    Building Tiny Habits

    image of a checklist

    I love tiny habits, don’t you? Easy wins. Things that can be checked off the list with minimum effort.   Don’t get me wrong, I love big goals too, those wonderful all-encompassing, life changers. I have made some monumental changes in my life by setting goals I didn’t think I could reach but going for it anyway. The place we are all striving towards… I don’t want to lose sight of that, but sometimes it is more realistic to break your goal down into smaller, and I mean much smaller…

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    An Introduction to Gratitude Practice

    Image of text in a notebook saying 'have an attitude of gratitude'

    One of the most commonly referenced ideas for personal development is the act of regularly recording gratitudes. Said to boost mood, build confidence and generally improve the quality of your life, the act of writing down 3 things every day that you are grateful for is the bread and butter of the self-care armoury. Sometimes to the point that it almost feels like a cliche to suggest it…   But the reason that gratitude practice is so often cited as a self-development tool is simple: It works.      It’s…

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    Daily Dedication Routine

    Daily Dedication Routine - Glass of water, aloe vera plant and wooden Buddha ornament

    It’s no secret that I love setting intentions, or that I love a good routine… so I guess it was only a matter of time before I combined the two. The Daily Dedication routine is something I have been working into my own life for over a year now, and I figured it might be helpful for some of you, so I shall share it here.   What is a Daily Dedication Routine? The Daily Dedication is a 7 point routine that you can incorporate into your day in a…

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    Defining Your Core Values

    link to blog post 'defining your core values'

    Recognising your core values is one of the best ways to kickstart a life of intentional living. If you know where your personal beliefs lie, it is that much easier to follow your star and always steer a course that is in line with what you want.     What are core values?  Your core values (sometimes called personal values) are the truest expression of your innermost self. They are what is left behind when you strip away all of the layers of expectations, decisions, mistakes and opinions. They are…

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    Is There Any Point in Setting New Year’s Resolutions?

    image of the author looking out of a porthole window to sea, looking contemplative

    This isn’t really a structured ‘blog post’ as such – but a lovely reader told me I ought to write more ‘brain dump’ style articles following my ‘I quit my job’ post last year, so what can I do but oblige? 🙂   Also, I wrote a post about how to rock your new year but it was more about how to set yourself up for success by starting early… It was written in the autumn and intended to be read then, but in my excitement and exuberance, it didn’t…

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    Make Next Year Your Best Year Yet!

    image of a rainbow

    NOTE: Although this post was written in the autumn and intended to set you up for the new year by planning ahead, it still contains plenty of useful nuggets of wisdom and inspiration if you are reading this and it’s already the new year! Alternatively, you might like to head on over to this post on New Year Resolutions instead!   It’s almost the new year! Hear me out – I know, I know, it’s MONTHS away yet…I swear the summer warmth is still clinging to my skin and I’ve…

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    Start with you! Self-care with no apologies

    image of a woman in a green jumper and red hat standing on the cliffs with arms spread out wide, smiling

    Is self-care selfish?   I read an article recently that hinted at self-care being a selfish act. It suggested that we are too concerned with our own selves and should be focusing less energy on self-care and more on our bonds with those around us. Now, I am as happy and willing to build connection and bonds with those around me as the next person, but if I am in a bad place at that time, then they aren’t gonna be getting the best of me…and isn’t that worse?  …

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    Are you planning or are you procrastinating? How to spot the difference!

    Image of open planner and pen with the life spotters logo

    Get you! You are fully in the zone…you have planned and scheduled and organised. You feel amaaaazing, because you’ve got this. You know what you are doing and you know where you are going!   But wait… Uh oh. Could it be? What if all this organising is just a distraction technique? What if you feel great because you think you are doing all the things, when really you are putting off the inevitable – the moment when you must ACTUALLY do all the things?   In this post, we…