~ Live more with less ~ Minimalism isn't about ridding yourself of everything and living a life devoid of interest or colour. It is simply about removing the things which distract you from what matters.

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    16 Things You Just Don’t Need!

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    Urgh. The ‘stuff’ just creeps in, doesn’t it?   With the best will in the world, there is always something – paperwork, till receipts, keepsakes of woodland walks, and if you have kids, pockets full of the weirdest things…  I felt inspired to write this as I went to pay for an item at my local shop and struggled to find my wallet through all the junk that had accumulated in my bag:   I’m talking hoarder level amounts of crap. Coupons, leaflets, snack wrappers, leaves, pebbles – I’ve taken…

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    Minimalism with Children

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    So, the idea of minimalism with children is on your mind.   Maybe you are a card-carrying minimalist and you have just discovered that you are pregnant (congratulations!) or perhaps you are minimal-curious but have children already and aren’t sure it would be fair on your family.   Either way, you are asking yourself:   Is it even possible to be a minimalist if you have kids?     Minimalism with children There is a common suggestion that minimalism and children are thoroughly incompatible, common schools of thought being either:…

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    Minimalism for Beginners – How to Live More with Less

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    If you are wondering whether living a minimalist lifestyle could benefit you and how to begin, then you have arrived at a very exciting point in your life. As an ex-hoarder and messy minimalist on the path to clutter-free nirvana, I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I know what I know – and I know that even stepping one foot on this path can be life-changing. Welcome friend, and let’s explore this strange new realm together:     What is minimalism? Minimalism is a lifestyle that celebrates…

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    Can You Become a Minimalist if You Are a Hoarder?

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    Man, oh man. If 10-years-ago-me could see me now….   Minimalism was NOT a word in my vocabulary! 10 years ago I was still very much a self-confessed hoarder. I just loved STUFF. I loved the chaos and the clutter and the dusty knick-knacks poked into all the nooks and crannies of the wonky cottage we lived in at the time.    I held onto the most random of items, happy in the knowledge that I’d do something with them eventually.   Always an art and craftsy type of gal,…

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    Minimalism and Frugality

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    Minimalism and frugality. I heard someone refer to the two terms interchangeably recently and it got me thinking… How similar are they?   As someone who tries their best to be both minimal and frugal, I can see a strong overlap, but I have nevertheless also always felt them to be two different approaches. So let’s explore: Minimalism and frugality – Two sides of the same coin, or chalk and cheese?   For me, the idea of minimalism is intrinsically linked with that of frugality. After all, those seeking to…

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    Decluttering for a better life – Less mess, less stress!

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    Decluttering! The buzzword of the moment!   It seems you can’t turn around without tripping over magazine articles, blog posts, books and TV shows all dedicated to helping you take control of your life by getting rid of your possessions.   The concept of decluttering is not a new one, but the current popularity of minimalism and simple living shows no signs of slowing. So why the sudden rise in popularity of minimising now? What is it about decluttering which has struck such a chord in people?   Fast living…

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    Downsizing – 5 things I Have Learnt Living Tiny

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    In 2016 we had to leave the cottage we had lived in for 13 years when our landlord decided to sell.   It was an old ramshackle cottage with low beamed ceilings and nooks and crannies aplenty (and dust, so much dust!). It was pokey and cramped, in the delightfully cosy way that cottages often are, but we loved it, and it had been our home for many years.   Naturally, we were sad to leave, but it was never supposed to have been our forever home. So, ever the…