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    Budgeting like a boss!

    So you’re ready. You’ve decided to give it a go and commit, really commit this time to mastering your money.   You need a budget. Maybe you’ve mastered your fear of the word and come to terms with the idea of budgeting, if not check out “Why you hate budgeting and what you can do about it” For now, I’ll assume if you are here, you are ready to roll.    So how can we ensure we make changes that stick?     Find the budgeting system for you Recognising…

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    Why You Hate Budgeting (and what you can do about it!)

    image of a woman turning out empty pockets

    Budgeting. For some even the word makes them break out in a cold sweat. Maybe because they tried it and found it too restrictive, or it made them feel poor. Maybe because it’s just so… dull. For others, budgeting “doesn’t work”. So what to do?     Firstly, I’m curious… What does the word ‘budgeting’ mean to you?   Do you picture penny-pinching and going without? Do you envisage a miserly Scrooge-like character, sat in the dark, counting coins by candlelight? Or maybe dullsville spreadsheets and hours spent checking receipts?…

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    Budgeting Journal for Mindful Money Management

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    Those of you who have followed me for a while will know how much I love the kakeibo budgeting journal. Discovering the Japanese art of mastering your money really was a turning point for me.   I learnt to see my money in a new light. No longer something scary or menacing, but something softer and infinitely more malleable. Money’s role in life cannot be overlooked, but you can develop a better relationship with your cash by learning to see it as an ally and not an enemy.   Kakeibo…

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    How to Develop a Positive Money Mindset

    image of two £50 pound notes and some loose pound coins on a wooden background

    Money mindset is such an important issue. I used to be pretty anti-money. You know, the root of all evil, causes more harm than good, if there was no money there would be no war, no famine, no greed…   Thing is, I’ve come to realise that none of these things are actually true:   Money is a tool, a symbol. It’s entirely neutral.     “It’s really just a representative of value. When you do something for someone, they give you money for your service. When someone does something…

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    Kakeibo – the Japanese Budgeting Journal

    The creation of the kakeibo (pronounced kah-keh-boh), which literally translates as ‘household finance ledger’, is credited to Hani Motoko, Japan’s first female journalist. It was her belief that financial stability is essential to happiness, and in 1904 she published her accounting book designed to help Japanese housewives manage their budgets. In Japanese culture women are usually solely responsible for money management, handling all the families financial affairs. Since it’s publication, the Kakeibo has become an essential part of everyday life in Japan and is fast catching on here in the…

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    Reduce waste and spend less this Christmas

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to come together with family and friends, to celebrate and show our love, to share and feast, to dance, sing and be joyful. But it has also become a time of excessive consumption and mass overspending. I LOVE Christmas, truly, I’m still just like a kid, giddy and excitable and hopping up and down in anticipation from now until the day itself, (did I say now? Ok, so, actually I have been hopping up and down for weeks, waiting for…

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    Campervan France on a budget

    We had decided to have a pretty scant year this year, trying to save we thought it best to maybe not go abroad at all, but wanderlust got the better of us…”France? Just 2 weeks maybe? We could do it on the cheap…??” So how exactly do you spend a couple of glorious weeks away, particularly with a couple of tweenage consumers in tow, without breaking the bank?     Here are some of my top tips….   Money envelopes     We worked out a budget for how much we…

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    3 Simple Ways To Help You Take Control Of Your Spending

    Soft focus image of a woman holding a £5 note up in the air

    How often do you find yourself reaching payday with nothing left, dipping into your overdraft or putting everyday items onto credit cards? Too often?  Then it’s time to take control of your spending!   There was a time when my wages would hit my bank account each month and not even clear my overdraft, and it just kept on growing each month. Every month I would tell myself it would be different this time, and I would try and reign in my spending, but time and time again I would…