I’d like to change our relationship with money. I’d like us all to get to know money and be on better terms with it. Because when we make friends with money, and begin to understand it and where it likes to sneak off to, and where it likes to hang out, it is so much easier to get it to stay around – I mean s’rsly, would you spend time with someone who was constantly criticising you? Hope not! Make friends with your cash today!

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    Kakeibo – the Japanese Budgeting Journal

    The creation of the kakeibo (pronounced kah-keh-boh), which literally translates as ‘household finance ledger’, is credited to Hani Motoko, Japan’s first female journalist. It was her belief that financial stability is essential to happiness, and in 1904 she published her accounting book designed to help Japanese housewives manage their budgets. In Japanese culture women are usually solely responsible for money management, handling all the families financial affairs. Since it’s publication, the Kakeibo has become an essential part of everyday life in Japan and is fast catching on here in the Western world, here’s why….

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    Reduce waste and spend less this Christmas

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time to come together with family and friends, to celebrate and show our love, to share and feast, to dance, sing and be joyful. But it has also become a time of excessive consumption and mass overspending. I LOVE Christmas, truly, I’m still just like a kid, giddy and excitable and hopping up and down in anticipation from now until the day itself, (did I say now? Ok, so, actually I have been hopping up and down for weeks, waiting for it to be “acceptable” to show my colours…)

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    Make Next Year Your Best Yet!

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    It’s almost the new year! Don’t you feel like as soon as Halloween is out of the way it starts to ramp up towards Christmas? And you know this last couple of months of the year is going to go by in the blink of an eye. In the run-up to the holiday season, when everything starts to get a little frantic, we often find ourselves putting off the things that matter, safe in the knowledge that it will soon be a new year, and we can start afresh with our plans then.

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    Campervan France on a budget


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    We had decided to have a pretty scant year this year, trying to save we thought it best to maybe not go abroad at all, but wanderlust got the better of us…”France? Just 2 weeks maybe? We could do it on the cheap…??” So how exactly do you spend a couple of glorious weeks away, particularly with a couple of tweenage consumers in tow, without breaking the bank?

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    3 Simple Ways To Help You Take Control Of Your Spending


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    How often do you find yourself reaching payday with nothing left, dipping into your overdraft or putting everyday items onto credit cards? Too often?  Then it’s time to take control of your spending!

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    Why you should take time off when starting up a blog

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    I just took a week off! Right slap bang in the middle of starting up a blog. Whaaaat? I hear you ask… Like me, I’m sure you have read so much about how hard you need to work if you are taking blogging seriously, how every single spare second will be devoted to writing, and planning, and developing and reading, and growing your business, and you Must.Not.Drop.The.Ball. Evaaaaa.


    Thing is, I also see lots of sad tales about people who are diving in and really giving this their all, only to burn out before they have even really begun. People who through only trying to better their lives and provide value to people are crashing and burning in a sea of overwhelm.

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    Blogging newbie? How to defeat Imposter Syndrome

    Could you be suffering from Imposter Syndrome?

    Ever feel like you just won’t cut it as a blogger? Filled with self-doubt? (why would anyone listen to me when there are so many other better-qualified people out there doing this, who have been at it for so much longer?)

    Don’t fret! Sounds like you could just be suffering from a touch of Imposter Syndrome…This is a psychological problem which can strike anyone at any time, landing the sufferer flailing in the huge lagoon of I-am-inadequate-and-incompetent, and standing alone in the desolate expanse of I-shall-be-exposed-as-a-fraud land.