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    Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet!

    It’s almost the new year! Hear me out – I know, I know, it’s MONTHS away yet…I swear the summer warmth is still clinging to my skin and I’ve barely adjusted to wearing trousers again after the shorts I’ve been living in the past few months, but there is an undeniable feeling of change in the air, and already there are Christmas biscuits lining the aisles of the supermarkets…


    You just know this last chunk of the year is going to go by in the blink of an eye. In the run-up to the year’s end, when everything starts to get a little frantic, we often find ourselves putting off the things that matter, safe in the knowledge that before we know it, it’ll be a new year, and we can start afresh with our plans then.

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    Why you should take time off when starting up a blog

    I just took a week off! Right slap bang in the middle of starting up a blog. Whaaaat? I hear you ask… Like me, I’m sure you have read so much about how hard you need to work if you are taking blogging seriously, how every single spare second will be devoted to writing, and planning, and developing and reading, and growing your business, and you Must.Not.Drop.The.Ball. Evaaaaa.


    Thing is, I also see lots of sad tales about people who are diving in and really giving this their all, only to burn out before they have even really begun. People who through only trying to better their lives and provide value to people are crashing and burning in a sea of overwhelm.

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    Blogging newbie? How to defeat Imposter Syndrome

    Could you be suffering from Imposter Syndrome?

    Ever feel like you just won’t cut it as a blogger? Filled with self-doubt? (why would anyone listen to me when there are so many other better-qualified people out there doing this, who have been at it for so much longer?)

    Don’t fret! Sounds like you could just be suffering from a touch of Imposter Syndrome…This is a psychological problem which can strike anyone at any time, landing the sufferer flailing in the huge lagoon of I-am-inadequate-and-incompetent, and standing alone in the desolate expanse of I-shall-be-exposed-as-a-fraud land.