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    The Eden Project at Christmas

    Featured Image - the Eden Project at Christmas

    Just a quick post this week – I don’t know if you noticed, but it’s December, which has rather snuck up on me, despite my so looking forward to it…so I have umm, one or two things on my ‘to do’ list!   However, I REALLY wanted to take a minute amidst the mulled wine and greenery to write about how we kicked off the holiday season this year with a trip to The Eden Project – Cornwall, to see their spectacular Shadows and Light Christmas Experience, and how we…

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    Why you should take time off when starting up a blog

    mother and child bodyboarding

    I just took a week off! Right slap bang in the middle of starting up a blog. Whaaaat? I hear you ask… Like me, I’m sure you have read so much about how hard you need to work if you are taking blogging seriously, how every single spare second will be devoted to writing, and planning, and developing and reading, and growing your business, and you Must.Not.Drop.The.Ball. Evaaaaa.   Thing is, I also see lots of sad tales about people who are diving in and really giving this their all, only…