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Ahh, money.


Money, cash, readies, coinage, moolah, spondulicks, dough, dosh, wonga, cheddar, beans, call it what you will, it’s the thing we all love to hate.


Poor money. It gets such a bad rap. We complain that we don’t have enough of it, dream about what we’d do with it if only we had more, yet we call it the root of all evil and accuse those that covet it of greed and selfishness.


Money is vilified and shunned, and yet so obviously, also craved. It’s a bizarre push and pull – we all want more of it, but also relentlessly swear we don’t need it to be happy. 


Money Mindset

I’d like to change that. I’d like us all to get to know money and be on better terms with it. Because when we make friends with money, and begin to understand it and where it likes to sneak off to, and where it likes to hang out, it is so much easier to get it to stay around – I mean s’rsly, would you spend time with someone who was constantly criticising you? Hope not!


Money is not the problem. It’s our money mindset which needs unsticking.


I believe there is a more mindful approach to money management. A balance to strike where cash and conscience meet. 


Through a combination of careful budgeting, mindful reflection and intentional, well thought out spending, it is entirely possible to take control of your finances and turn your monetary hot-mess around, and I can show you how…



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