image of a barefooted woman walking across the seashore

Do you ever feel like somebody hit the fast forward button on your life? 


Like everything is rushing on around you at top speed but you are still standing there waiting for it to really begin?


You look around and everyone you know seems content with their lot, but you? You want something different.


You know there must be more…


Walk Your Path

You want to lean into the experience rather than watching it hurriedly pass you by, to find a way to slow down and drink in the deliciousness that is life, and create a world in which the days are filled with wonder and delight. 


When you picture your future, you see yourself living simply, immersively and joyfully in a home which makes you smile every time you return to it. You’ve always thought it must be amazing to live on a boat, or in a treehouse or a tiny home… Something quirky, something YOU.


You imagine bringing up your children in a way which prioritises confidence in themselves and connection to the world around them:


Picture long, lazy days at the beach spent chasing waves, or walking in the woods, jumping in piles of autumn leaves followed by curling up by a fire with a pile of books, a cosy blanket and a mug of something warm and soothing, conversation, laughter, dancing ’til you drop…


Your days are full of laughter and serenity, you find happiness in life’s small pleasures, content that you are walking a path that is your own and providing the best possible lifestyle to enable your family to thrive.


Wake up

But so far your dream has remained just that – a dream. Recently you’ve begun waking up with the nagging feeling that time is running out. 


Sure, you’re happy enough with your lot – you have friends, a nice enough house, a nice enough job… nothing to complain about, but it isn’t the life you imagined for yourself. 


Over time you have settled into a routine which is comfortable, solid, and reliable, but it doesn’t feel like ‘you’ – more like you have slipped into the role that is expected of you, but you’d rather be doing something a little less ordinary.


The Simple Things

You’d always imagined you would raise your kids to appreciate the simple things in life, spending time in nature, running wild and free, prioritising family time and having grand adventures in the great outdoors. 


As the years have rolled by you are becoming increasingly aware that you are wasting precious time meeting deadlines and crossing off items on the never-ending to-do list while your children are spending progressively more and more time plugged into their games and screens. Scattered, frantic and almost always running late, you are not at all the paragon of zen you thought you’d be!


Recently you scrolled through Instagram and saw an image of a cabin in the woods, kids playing on a rope-swing, wood-fired hot tub on the decking, the foliage of the trees turning hues of red and orange with the curling smoke drifting from the chimney and you couldn’t imagine anything lovelier than spending your time living like that.


So you wonder how is it that you find yourself living in a beige box working a 9-5, stress levels through the roof and constantly fighting to stay afloat?