Your Choice

The big turning point for me was during a conversation about work, life and the universe when the person I was talking to said to me, quite sincerely:


“The thing is we none of have choices  – Do you think I would be doing this if I had a choice? This isn’t what I want, this is just how life is.”


I can’t tell you the effect that had on me, because it was in that moment that I realised that actually, more often than not, we DO have a choice, we just settle for what is expected of us.


My life was never the same after that simple statement, so I include it here in the hopes that it might have the same transformative effect on you.


I want you to see that you do have a choice.


I want you to know that you already have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to create a life of intention – a life which brings you serenity, peace & real, head over heels, dancing in the rain, JOY.


Not one day, not when you have all your ducks in a row, but NOW!


While there may also be big changes you are itching to make which will require some planning and time to put into place, the big shift starts today.


The Big Shift

Shifting your mindset from a place of overwhelm and ‘wrong-fit-ness’ to one of opportunity and clarity begins simply with your ability to state that your life is your own, and you are the one who will decide how it is lived.


Once you have grasped this, it is next to impossible to go back. 


There is so much pressure today, to conform, to fit in, to be a part of the crowd. But what if you were just you? Quirky, awkward, misfit, glorious in your uniqueness? 


You CAN live the life you dream of, sidestep the rat race and take your place in the slow lane. Watch as the world rushes on by doing it’s thing, secure in the knowledge that the place you have carved out for yourself is yours to do with as you please. 


Know this, and the power to make big change is all yours.


Press pause

By choosing to adopt a slower, simpler pace, a life of meaning, we remove the distractions. The hurried, frantic pace, the deadlines and dead ends. 


It is then that we discover what we are made of. 


I’ll link to a few posts below which I think you might find useful, feel free to read them and then come back or just continue with the path below:

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Take your place

Stand up and refuse to be another face in the crowd! 


The Life Spotters exists for anybody who believes they deserve to live a life that’s true to them and wants to walk their own path.


It exists for the dreamers, the doers, the big thinkers and the unconventional:


Thinking outside the box?


You’re my kinda weirdo and I like you.


Because for some reason, deciding you want to live your life, your way, does tend to ruffle people’s feathers…


Dare to be different!

There is more than one way to live a life. You needn’t be comparing your path to someone else’s or wondering if it is OK to think for yourself.

Cartoon doodle of 2 stick people, one who wants a Big life, and one who wants a simple life

(and you can totally do both of the above simultaneously by the way – one of the most common misconceptions about simple living is that it is dull… You can live simply but still live big!)


Find your version of perfection. It should be the most natural thing. Surely nobody dreams of living a life that is anything less than wonderful?


And yet they do it.


Every. Single. Day. 


We have lost our way and forgotten how to trust our senses. How to connect with the things we yearn for. Buried under layers and layers of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’.


We are told that we need to have X, Y or Z to be fulfilled or successful.


To me, true success is the ability to look back over a lifetime and know it was well lived.