Second Thoughts

Know this: Standing up to Norm can be daunting. It isn’t unusual to go backwards and forwards on this, fired up and enthused one minute, anxious the next. 


You may find yourself ping-ponging to and fro as you balance up your off-grid-run-away-to-a-cabin-in-the-woods thoughts with your day-to-day life. 


Is this just a pipe dream? You know, your life really isn’t that bad after all – You have a decent job, friends, family – It would be so easy to just carry on this path you find yourself on…






This isn’t what you want from life is it? 


Didn’t think so. Because even if you aren’t 100% sure exactly what it is you want out of life yet – you already know what it is you don’t want.


You don’t want to be just like everybody else.



There is safety in numbers. At one time, to survive in a pack we would have relied upon this fact, and to be in any way ‘different’ would have had us singled out and shunned, leaving us vulnerable to all manner of scary beasties and scenarios.


This is now. We don’t need to fit in to survive anymore.


You get to call the shots.


So how do we begin? 

This is the part when you’ll generally find (and I am guilty of doing this myself) people will tell you to “Just Be Yourself”. If you are true to yourself, then all the things you want from life become that much easier to achieve.


But here we have a problem.