You want meaningful change in your life. You want a big shake up, something, that at the risk of sounding like a bumper sticker, is really going to make you feel you are living your best life.


You are commited. You recognise the choice is yours. The Big Shift has begun. But how do we move forward into this space having made the decision to do so? 


Start At The End

Imagine for a moment that you have reached the end of a long and happy life, a life in which you didn’t compromise, or follow a path you knew wasn’t right for you. 


When you look back over all the wonderful times you had and all the amazing things you did, how does that life look like to you?


The reason I say start at the finish, is because if you already know how you want your life to have been, then it’s easier to see where you are currently out of alignment with your end goal.


Find Your Joy

Right now, you are alive! What greater gift is there than that? Honour this gift by not wasting it! 


So what is it you want to do? How would you fill your days if you were free to do anything? 


Don’t overthink this, just grab a pen and paper and jot down the things that make you happy, anything that comes to mind, whether or not this seems like a viable/sensible way to live your life, don’t edit, just brain dump… Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.


What sort of things did you identify as bringing you joy? How many of those fit in with where you are right now? 


I’m betting not many. 


So how can you start making small changes today that will enable you to feel like you’re consistently heading in the right direction? How can you add joy to your life today?


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